Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thu, 9/10/2009 3:33 PM

Thu, 9/10/2009 3:33 PM

Notes from the road...

We're en route to Tulsa from Burleson where we played the Overtime Sports Bar and Grill last night. Not a huge crowd, but rowdy (as is always the case). We caught up with some of our pals from Switzerland who showed up out there too. Matthias is a friend we met a few years ago at a Harley bar in Zurich. Upon arriving in Zurich we asked a friendly local what we should see and do while we were there. We also asked him what part of the city we should steer clear of. He circled an area on our map and naturally, after the sun had gone down, we made a bee-line for that part of town. Matthias won the green-card lottery and is now living and working in the Ft. Worth area. Super nice guy and it was great to see him again and catch up. Another of our pals, Roger, came out too. He's in town visiting Matthias with his girlfriend Sandra. They've come out several times to see us at the Festival Albisgütli in Zurich that we've had the opportunity to play numerous times in the past several years. He also fronts a band called Roger and the Wild Horses. Hopefully we'll be on the same bill someday. Rumor has it that they do a cover of our cover of "Sedated". Too cool.

Check out the guns on this guy...

We're travelling north heading up to play Cain's Ballroom tonight. This is a thrill for me because I'm such a fan of Bob Wills's music and can't wait to see the place. While I've been up to the old hall, I've never actually been inside it. For those of you familiar, for me this is like a pilgramage to Mecca. For the uninitiated, Google it. It's a big deal. I'll be sure to snap some shots to post along in a later entry. Right now Dennis is driving, Kevin is sleeping, Dustin is up there with Dennis and Rhoades is playing a game on his iPod. I'm not sure what he's playing but I can probably beat him. I'm sitting in the back of this travelling pod we call home for many days every year writing to you.

In other news... I've been told we have an interview when we get to Chicago where we'll talk about the specfic gear we play. Not too sure what that's all about but for all you gear heads out there I'll be sure and post a list of said equipment. Seems somebody's always excited to see Dennis's Tele's or drooling over Rhoades's upright. It's not often too many people ask me about my stuff but hey, I'm not even a musician - I'm just the drummer. Anyhow, that's it for now. Be safe out there and we'll talk again soon.

- SuperDodds

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