Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two Tons Gear

Two Tons of Steel - Gear...

Dodds's gear:

Ludwig Classic Maple Drums - 10" & 14" toms; 20" kick

Snares: mix of Kirk Scott custom snare drums and assorted Ludwig snare drums

Paiste "Twenty" series cymbals - 15" hi hats, 17" & 18" thin crashes, 20" light ride

DW 9000 series single bass drum pedal & hi hat stand

SilverFox drumsticks and accessories (model SF-MR mainly)

Tama Rhythm Watch metronome

Drumheads - 14" coated G1 w/ power dot underside on batter and Evans 300 hazy on resonant, G2 coated heads on tom batters and Evans clear on tom resonants, Evans EMAD system on kick batter with small foam ring and Aquarian Modern Vintage or Remo Fiber Skyn on resonant with vintage graphic.

Custom light fixture in kick for cool vintage aesthetic

No dampening on any of the drums or cymbals, everything is tuned and played wide open for maximum ring and resonance

Rhoades's Gear:

King Doublebass 3/4 size Tiger King upright in exotic diseased flamed maple with custom pinstriping

Boothill D and G strings, & Oliv Paistro E and A strings

Underwood pickupFender 8x10 ProFender TB 600 bass head

Rane AP/13 pre-amp

Clark Technic 405 parametric EQ

Fallon's Gear:

Guitar 1 - beer battered 1952 reissue Fender Telecaster with Rio Grande pickups

Guitar 2 - 1985 Fender Telecaster in blue floral finish with Rio Grande pickups

Guitar 3 - 1995 Dan Electro Baritone (tuned to A,D,G,C,E,A) with stock pickups

Peterson tuner

Pedals - Full Tone Full Drive II, Vintage Ibanez AD09 analog delay, Full Tone Fat Boost

Amplifier - 1963 Reissue Fender VibroVerb with Weber speakers

SnapJack and George L cables

Strings - D'Addario 10's

Yellow Tortex picks

Kev's Gear:

Laravee Parlor guitar

1974 Guild Dreadnaught guitar

Boss tuner

HomeBrew HBE delay pedal

Line 6 wireless unit

Amplifier - Crate Acoustic

Strings - D'Addario lights

Orange Dunlop picks

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