Monday, November 9, 2009

Texas Big Beat!

On Sunday, November 1st, I had the opportunity to take part in Houston's "Texas Big Beat!" put on by the Houston's Percussion Center and is an event setup for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it's a charity fundraiser for the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation to help keep music programs in schools, and secondly for the Cherish Our Children International organization. To learn about either of these charities, visit them online at: and

"Feeling it" alongside Herman and the rest of the crowd in Houston!

Secondly, the event serves as a gathering of drummers who annually make it their goal to break the Guinness Book world record for the most drummers playing along to the same beat at the same time for a period of 5 minutes. This means that roughly 200 drummers gathered together on that Sunday in a warehouse near the George Bush Intercontinental Airport just north of Houston. I think I may have seen every conceivable type of drumkit ever made! Drummers both young and old, experienced and inexperienced had an incredible afternoon of hanging out, talking, checking out gear, and most of all -- drumming! I was honored to be there representing Ludwig drums alongside Barry "Frosty" Smith, and the 3 featured artists of the afternoon, drumming phenom Rick Latham, groove king Herman Matthews (a Houston native), and Texas's own Chris Layton! (As in Stevie Ray Vaughn?)

Hanging with my new pal Herman Matthews!

What an amazing show of talent these artists displayed and made the afternoon so much fun! I had met Chris on a few occasions before and it was great to finally have some time to talk a little bit away from late nights and bars. Herman Matthews was an absolute gentleman and I look forward to seeing him play again soon. He's currently on tour with Tom Jones and has toured with Stevie Wonder. (Hello? Heeeelloooooo? Stevie Wonder? As in laying down the groove on "Superstition" every night? I love that tune and drive most everybody I know crazy by singing it incessantly!) Here are a few pics taken from the event. Thanks Mike Henry and Donna Fisher of Houston's Percussion Center for their hospitality in making me feel so welcome all afternoon, and to Adolph Baez for the opportunity to represent Ludwig, and to Ludwig drums for their support of my drumming! Be safe out there and we'll talk again soon...

- Doddsy

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  1. OMG...I am driving home at about 11:20pm on Saturday 12/6...I flip the radio to 93Q and low and behold...they are playing Two Tons of Steel and announce that you will be live at the Tumbleweed in Jan. Great to hear you on the Houston. See you soon!