Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boys' night out...

Our good pal Brett toasting Dennis while we enjoy some GREAT late night radio!
(4:52 am 3.14.2010)

It's late. I'm hanging out with my guitar player and another friend up the street a few houses from where I live. My family is out of town this weekend so I'm hanging around with my pals and enjoying a few drinks while we listen to Blues Before Sunrise on NPR. Dennis and I listen to this radio program almost every Saturday night on the way home from some far away land, so it seems a little strange to be enjoying some leisure time listening to this program instead of driving through the night to get home. Three dogs are running around the house, my sister dropped by with some late night yummies and the drinks are plenty. We were done and home relatively early after we played to a crowd of almost 600 tonight at Gruene Hall and had such a great time! Lots of friends in the hall tonight. Fortunately the time changes tonight -- jumps forward, so at least I can still go to bed at 6:00 am... Hope you're safe and happy where you may be when you find this correspondance. I'm off to throw darts and listen to some great old blues and laugh with my friends.


- Dodds


P.S. -- I won in darts.  Because....





Rock star living @ Brett's place.
 6:03 am

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