Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekends are always fun. Always. Period.

Last weekend was an absolute BLAST! We started our weekend off right with a double bill in Grapevine at The Glass Cactus (part of the Gaylord resort complex) along with our good pals, The Derailers. Brian Ferguson, the drummer for 1100 Springs, also came out with his wife and we had a great time together watching Scott Matthews's performance. It's not often enough that I get to hang out with another great drummer outside of our own performances and it seems the downtime spent laughing is always too short.

3 amigos enjoying some downtime backstage in Grapevine
(Glass Cactus, 3/4/2010)

Thursday night turned into Friday morning and both Rhoades and I did well to get any sleep at all before having to be up for a TV appearance on ABC affiliate KFAA/Channel 8 in Dallas for their "Good Morning Texas" show where we were promoting KHYI's upcoming Texas Music Revolution festival in the next few weeks. Tom Green also appeared on the show that morning and we stole a quick snapshot with him before he was off to his next stop on his own promotional tour of sorts.

Two Tons & Joshua Jones (from KHYI) welcome Tom Green to Dallas.
Rumor has it the drummer in this photo didn't bring a change of clothes...

With exception of the fact that I hadn't slept nearly long enough and wished I had awoken early enough to get showered (I was still wearing Thursday night's threads), the performance went off without a hitch and we sampled some excellent shrimp étouffée that had been prepared in a cooking segment on the show. Most mornings that would seem a little heavy at 10:00am, but last Thursday it was simply delicious. After taking the afternoon off to get back home, clean up, and rest, we were due to be in Bandera at The Longhorn Saloon where we played a blistering 2 hour set to a pretty rowdy crowd. Brian Black and his family took great care of us and everybody had a great time. Hopefully we'll be back there again soon.

Nobody looks better on TV at 7:30 am than this guy. 

Saturday we made our way south to Corpus Christi to play The House of Rock. Casey has sure taken great care in making that room what it is. We had a great time after that show too when we found out our good pals playing with local S.A. blues guitarist Ruben V. were in Corpus as well and still had to another hour or more to play after we were finished. We headed around the corner and found ourselves yet once again at an afterparty of our making and it was a whole lot of fun to hang with my bandmates and watch some fellow S.A. musicians entertain a crowd outside of our hometown. I tell you though, leaving anywhere at 2:30 am to drive anywhere that's roughly 3 hours away is brutal and Saturday night my number was up and it was my turn to bring us home. We made a quick stop at What-A-Burger for some late night yummies before heading home. I discovered I had not been given the correct order and in my attempt to put the van in "Park" and get out of the vehicle, I managed to drop my burger - open face down - onto the floormat of the car. I quickly looked up and told Dennis, "I hope they don't tell me that this IS what I ordered and give it back to me!" They had in fact gotten my order wrong -- but only in that they cheated me out of my bacon. The boob behind the fry line quickly microwaved a handful of bacon (that looked like it had already been chewed up) and he proceeded to put the mangled pork product on my burger that only moments earlier had been resting on the floorboard, eagerly waiting to be rescued. I tried my best to point out that the sandwich on the counter looked NOTHING like the one in the picture, but to no avail. Rhoades found my protests extremely funny and wound up getting himself kicked out of their establishment for "encouraging me". I needed no encouragment. I was unhappy and my burger was crunchy. What-A-Burger in Corpus -- They put the "sand" in "sandwich"...

My great pal Kevin Hernandez -- KILLING IT!  Onstage with Ruben V. in Corpus.
I only wish I could shred the way this guy does every night...

Dennis enjoys a night out on the town in Corpus Christi...

This weekend we'll be in Houston again at The Firehouse and on Saturday night, we'll be back in Gruene at the big hall getting primed for what will soon be a weekly affair in that hall every Tuesday night this upcoming summer. If you're reading this and you're around this weekend, come out and see us - and be sure to say hello. That's all for now. Hope everybody's enjoying Spring-like weather. The days in S.A. are sure getting more and more beautiful here this week.

Cheers and here's to crunchy burgers.  Be safe and we'll talk soon.

- SuperDodds

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