Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 1 - From Texas to England, with love...

As is so often the case, I did not get near enough rest the night before an international trip and I've been a little "fuzzy" all day long. We left San Antonio for Houston at 1:45 and by 3:45 we were on our way from Houston to London. We had a great flight - if a little uncomfortable. Seems I'm tall enough that when I fall asleep I have no support for my head so it falls back and I wake up a short time later with pain. So even when I try to sleep, it only comes in short painful spurts. Once we arrived in London, it was quite a long wait to get through customs and then to get our luggage. Fortunately we were met at the airport with our driver and no wait. We didn't waste any time getting on our way to Nottinghamshire from the airport. It should have been about a 3 hr drive but our driver cruised a good part of the way at 100 mph. Funny how Kevin and Rhoades hate the way Fallon and I drive, but seemed perfectly content to travel at light-speed in a car with a driver we just met, traveling on a highway we don't know, in a land we've never been in... Oh well.

It's 9:05 pm where I am now and the sun is just now beginning to set. I am in the hotel restaurant which is located near the lobby of our weekend home. I haven't been hungry for much of the day so it will be nice to have a hot meal to end this day of traveling. I just had a tasty bowl of tuscan chicken soup and I'm now waiting for my dinner while sipping on a pint of John Smith's Smooth Ale. My dinner of scottish salmon in a crawfish and prawn (shrimp) sauce with steamed fresh veggies. It's quiet here. The solitude is nice. Alone - but not lonely. Here's wishing you well as night begins to fall on me and I hope that you're happy too wherever you are when reading this. Have a great Friday and stay tuned, I'll be updating this online journal throughout the weekend with dispatches from the field as our adventure unfolds. Gotta run - dinner's here. Cheers.

- Doddsy

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Location:Mill Gate,Newark,United Kingdom

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  1. Dear Two Tons...

    We saw you for the first time at Dosey Doe Thursday night. We are SO happy that we found you!

    Walking to the car after the show, our 11-year-old declared it was the BEST concert he's EVER been to. (And the other 2 shows he's seen are a local singer/songwriter & the Black Eyed Peas, so we thought that was a ringing endorsement!)

    Thanks so much for coming to Houston, um, The Woodlands! :) Can't wait for you guys to come back!