Saturday, September 18, 2010

Get out!

"Check out is at noon" Kevin says as we climb out of the van last night at 1:30am and head for our rooms. Housekeeping drove us crazy all morning trying to get in to clean our room. As I get out of the shower - another knock at our door. Dennis says "housekeeping's been very persistent about cleaning our room". As Dennis is taking his shower, another knock at the door. I open it and with a head full of wet, nappy hair, I see the hotel manager in front of me. "You guys gonna check out today?" he asks. "Uh, yeah? In 10 minutes - at noon?" I respond. "Okay because checkout was at 11:00".

No wonder they were trying so hard to get into our room. We overstayed our welcome.


Two Tons of Steel; makin' friends everywhere we go.

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  1. Welcome to our hotel... now get the f out... nice.

  2. That is a riot! Sounds like something I would do after a long night of partying.