Monday, September 27, 2010

TTS Fall Tour - Day 5

TTS Midwest Tour

Day 5, Dispatch 1 - A Constant Spring in Goshen, Indiana is not the biggest bar we frequent nor does it boast our biggest crowds, but Jason and his staff are always so friendly and everybody who comes out is always so excited to have us there and thus it's another one of my favorite venues to play!

I complain often about the many venues we play that don't have Shiner Bock beer and there are lots of them outside our great state of Texas. Jason remembered me whining last time and so he made sure that there was plenty of Shiner Bock for me - on tap no less. I'm not a big beer connoiseur. I started drinking Shiner Bock in college and that's what I like. Although Jason didn't see what was so great about, he did his best to make me happy and I sure appreciated that!

Last night was epic and once the show was over, the evening's crowd moved from the venue to the home of one of Rhoades's close friends - and we did too. It was a lot of fun meeting new people and it was great to catch up with some folks we met last March when we were here last. I saw the Sun come up again before my head met my pillow and it was only a few hours after that Rhoades was waking me up to meet with his folks for some breakfast. Phil and Cheryl Rhoades are two of the kindest, sweetest, most hospitable folks you'll ever meet and we owe them a big thanks for always welcoming us into their town and welcoming us into their home. It's a shame we don't see them more often but it's always nice to see them when we do. They help make an "away" game feel like we're playing at home -- thanks so much!

Today we're journeying to Urbana, IL to play another fantastic jukejoint called the Rose Bowl Tavern. Not a big room either, but this place has soul and I'm looking forward to being back there tonight. We also have a favorite place to eat in Urbana called Merry-Ann's Diner. They have a cook name Juan that is a breakfast-makin' machine! Can't wait til after the show to get some yum-yums! More soon...

- Dodds

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