Thursday, September 23, 2010

TTS Fall Tour - Day 1

Two Tons Midwest Tour

Day 1, Dispatch 1 - We're en route to Shreveport, LA. Playing El Dorado Casino tonight. Should be fun! We're 2 hrs into a 2 week run travelling through the heart of our nation. Check for tour dates and check in at for more online fun and Two Tons hijinks as I chronicle our adventures! More soon...

Day 1, Dispatch 2 - Roughly a 1/2 hr outside of Shreveport. 7 hours on the road today. No worries! Showtime between 8:00-8:30. Two 75 min sets. Easy peasy. Stay tuned...

Day 1, Dispatch 3 - Wow. Was so looking forward to playing tonight. Rough, rough night. Don't know why. Fatigue? I mean it's only the first day, but I know I haven't had a full night's rest in at least 4 nights and with 7 hours on the road today -- I'm pretty wiped out. We're off tomorrow but we have almost 6 hours to drive up to Memphis where we'll stay and then drive the rest of the way to Springfield, IL on Friday. Hopefully with a day off and splitting an extra long drive across 2 days, the next show will come together better.
After having written the above, I spent some time hanging around the casino bar with David, our soundman, and a new friend, Cameron Meshell. These 2 guys made tonight worth it. Great conversation and a good time. Ended the night by walking around the casino with Dennis and laughing about all the crazy themes of all the different slot machines. Dennis pointes out that it seems there's something to appeal to everybody's tastes. We saw lots of ladies playing "Kitty Glitter" & we couldn't help but laugh! It's now 2:31am and check out is once again at 11:00am. It's off to bed for me. 'Night all. Here's to the rest of this tour.

- Dodds

Location:Shreveport,United States

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