Saturday, September 25, 2010

TTS Fall Tour - Day 4

TTS Midwest Tour

Day 4, Dispatch 1 - My eyes are heavy this morning as we roll out of Springfield, IL. Last night was such a great show! For all my whining about the Shreveport show - we more than made up for last night. The room was an old Masonic Temple and it was full! It sounded great and had such a great vibe and Caffeine Patrol (who opened the show) was a lot of fun and Big Sandy was fantastic! We met some really nice folks out there last night as well. Thanks to everybody who came out and made us feel so welcome.

Once we were loaded out, we made our way over to our hotel rooms and Dennis and I hung out with our new pal Joe Perez, Big Sandy's Fly-Rite drummer, til' around 3:00 am or so and after a phone call home, my head hit the pillow shortly before 4:00. There's nothing like the sound of an alarm clock in the morning to remind you that the best part of the day is over. The alarm this morning found my body paralyzed and it was all I could do to crawl out of my biscuit and make my way to the van. Tonight we're in Goshen, IN, where we'll all play Robin to Rhoades's Batman - and that's not a bad thing. He grew up in Goshen and there's really no need for him to attend any of his high school's reunions because every trip back home is a reunion. The bar we're playing tonight is not a big room and it will be PACKED because he is hailed as a sort of superhero in Goshen and I'm glad I'm on his team rather than playing against him!

The sun this morning is bright and there are plenty of miles ahead of us between our current coordinates and Goshen, Indiana. I'm gonna go catch some zzzzz's so I can be ready tonight for Rhoades-fest 2010. Catch you later...

- Dodds

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  1. Sounds like a great time, you make it all sound like so much fun. Have fun in Goshen and be safe when in route to your next stop on this tour :)

  2. Loving reading about your exploits on the trip. Makes me wish I was there - especially the Springfield/Urbana shows since I lived up there for 5 years :-) Have fun - be safe and hurry back to Texas so we can see ya again lol

  3. Hey man....
    Great show! It was nice to hang out with you guys for a bit too!
    Have you seen our drummer Joe? He was nowhere to be found this morning.... we had to leave without him! ;-)

    Have fun tonight in the land of Goshen!

    Big Sandy