Saturday, September 18, 2010

Uh oh...

So we're downtown Austin, playing a street party & waiting for the previous band to get off the stage so we can set up and start our set. The smell of diesel is in the air as we stand in front of the generator right by the stage. Dennis walks up and tells me he mysteriously got our set time delayed indefinitely. "Huh?" I say. Turns out the pooling of fluid around the generator wasn't a gathering of the day's earlier afternoon rains, but rather a leaking of diesel all over the sidewalk. Generator's shut down and our set is cut waaaaaay back due to stay on schedule for the rest of the night.

We talked about the movie "Spinal Tap" the other night. Seems tonight when I get home will be the perfect night to enjoy that film again. It's funny regardless, but for those of us making our livings as professional musicians (and drummers), it's REALLY funny. Here's to "show biz".

- Dodds

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