Friday, October 1, 2010

TTS Fall Tour - Day 10

TTS Midwest Tour

Day 10, Dispatch 1 - The Gramophone is located in an older part of St. Louis that is slowly coming back to life. The improvements to the area in the last 6 months are noticable and help to make the area friendlier to folks passing by. Roo and Matt and everybody at The Gramophone are waaaay cool.

Matt always makes us sound so great and the staff are just hip. It was fun to catch up with everybody before our set and to relax in their newly remodeled green room in the basement. Some nights we play, our performances are better than others. Seems the shows on this trip have been really consistant from night to night and the sets have become increasingly easier to play. Roo (who owns the place), complimented me on my playing last night too and my ability to play appropriately to the room. It's great to have the owner of an establishment give you kudos for your efforts but truth be known, I couldn't do it without my band. Because those guys are also professional to be able to play appropriately to the room, it helps to make me look great - especially since the staff at The Gramophone probably see way more than their share of rhythmatists come through their doors that overplay, overpower, and blow the place up! After the show we hung out in the parking lot awhile and talked surfing with Fallon, and BMX with Rhoades, and skateboarding with me. I rode around the parking lot on Matt's board popping little ollies along the way while Matt told of the local skatepark being constructed under a highway bridge (a-la Burnside) by local vigilante skate guerrillas. (Like I said, everybody there is just hip!) It sounded like fun to go see too but due to lack of lighting, we abandoned that idea and made an effort to seek out lodging for the night.

We don't always get along in this band. Just like any relationship, there's give and take. Somehow we keep it all together though as we head up and down these paths that run like arteries through our nation. Today we're headed to Kansas City to play Davey's Uptown Rambler's Room. Just the name alone sounds like fun! I think we're done relatively early tonight too so maybe we'll venture forth in search of excitement after the last note's been played for the night. Who knows. Que sera sera. Much love friends...

- Dodds

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