Sunday, October 3, 2010

TTS Fall Tour - Day 12

TTS Midwest Tour

Day 12, Dispatch 1 - If you ever have the chance to see a show at The Cotillion in Wichita, KS, you should. The place is a giant dancehall - and I do mean giant - and it although it was built sometime in the late 50's or early 60's, it has the same feel of a room that Gene Krupa's or Artie Shaw's big bands would have performed in.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and were welcomed by stagehands that dwarved us all and one of the guys told us our trailer was "cute" while another guy let us take pictures of him pressing down on the top of it.

They could have been vikings for all I know, but these boys were well fed! And friendly! They assisted us by unloading all of our gear into the hall while we waited our turn to setup and soundheck. We were there to open the show for Delbert McClinton and we were all excited to play such a neat room. While we setup in front of Delbert's band in a line across the stage, there was still plenty of room for us all to fit comfortably.

The crew finally brought down the house lights and fired up the stage lighting just before the doors opened at 7:00 and the illumination of the stage was fantastic! See the pics below to understand what I'm talking about. So cool!

Our show went well but we didn't stick around too long afterwards. A 6-7 hour drive to Plano meant we needed to hit the road last night and cover some ground while we could to help split the drive up since we have to be to Plano by 1:00pm today. We all function highly late at night and nobody enjoys the early morning alarm call-wakeup like we do, so we decided to stay up late and drive rather than wake up early and drag ourselves out of our biscuits, shielding our eyes like vampires at the break of day. And here we are again in our vessel that has propelled us through space and time for the better part of 2 weeks.

One last road trip to one last venue on this run. We're headed to Love and War in Texas (in Plano) for a benefit and the weekly Shiner Sunday series. Love and War is a fun place to play and while it's only been 12 days on the road, it seems like we've been out for a month. 12 days seems like a lifetime ago. Like I've said before, for better or for worse, somehow we always seem to pack more into a few days than others do in several weeks. It will be great to be back home in Texas and to perform in front of our friends and family. I'm not sure what time we start, but look it up online and if you're in the area - stop by and say hello. Tonight is a "home" game! I'll have one final tour post tomorrow recapping this run but until then, I hope everybody out there has a fantastic day and hopefully we'll see you tonight in Plano!

- SuperDodds

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